Philippine Divorce Law – What My Mom Thought

A long overdue treatise, I write today on the issue of divorce and the executionary law soon to pass in Congress. Is the law beneficial or inimical to society? Is it time to advance seemingly heretical anti-Christian provisions that impact family.

I quote the thoughts of my recently passed Mother, and founder of Plazo Law & Associates in her seminal book Easing the Pains of Battle. A top-selling legal tome on the international scape, her crystalized thoughts enshrine practicality versus sentiment on this polarizing discussion

The Altar of Family

All over the world, the family as an institution assumes a venerable image despite all forces that tend to undermine its foundation. Thus its unity is zealously guarded. It is more so in the Philippine culture. The Civil Law and the Church support that stance. It is well for society to have strong families. This view however, can be distorted to irrational proportions as when members of families are conditioned to bear sufferings for the sake of maintaining family unitty. Spouses stay together for show. The facade of family harmony is treated like a sacred altar that is kept intact even at the cost of the member’s crucifixion. For instance, wives and children learn to bear barbaric abuse from the father for the sake of family unity. This is not the kind of family that can serve as a strong foundation of the nation. It serves only as a broken footdhold 

While family unity is an ideal goal, the welfare and happiness of each individual member however must be given premium priority over the image of the family as a whole. The well-being of the individual members cannot be sacrificed before the altar of family unity without grossly multiplying the totality of human suffering. In the final analysis, the strengtyh of the nation depends upon the strength and quality of being of each and every single individual.

My Mother is deeply Catholic and unthathomably moral. Even seeing the theft of 10 pesos on the nightly news causes her severe distress. One would imagine her strict adherance to Christian law under all circumstances.

Yet Mother knows when to draw the line. She’s equally lawyer as she was an ex-convent Novitiate She balances religious precepts with practical legal framework especially when society at large takes the hit. To her mind, and with my enthused agreement, the integrity of society  draws upon the unfractured psyche of each and every one of its members. This goes beyond family. This reaches deeply to the members of the family itself.

Religious groups thump biblical passages to shield family from any form of dissolution.  Such is folly. As a tree cannot survive when its entire root trunk and core is riddled with termites, neither can society remain healthy if every member is psychologically damaged from being trapped within dysfunctional families. The progress of our civilization demands evolution of outdated codes and freedom from destructive relationships.

The Philippines is the last Asian nation without a divorce law. The nation also prides itself as being the only Christian country with Jesus’ teaching interlaced into our multiple Codes. Indeed, Jesus came to destroy structures and overturn prevailing mind-sets. He was by all means an evolutionist. It is high time the Philippines followed His actions and the spirit of His teachings. Drop what no longer works and bring in what can revitalize the Sick Man of Asia.