Got a great logo or company slogan? You need to register the trademark.

Trademark applications are filed using the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Filipinos or Filipino companies may readily register their trademarks using the IPO. However, transients and international companies need to employ an area broker or consultant to be able to document applications using the IPO. Due to the scrutiny involved, a patent lawyer is strongly recommended.

Trying to consolidate a trademark is trickier than obtaining a company permit whereby you will get the permit quickly. A conservative estimate of the time to consummate the entire application procedure is about 6 to 18 months. That is because of the veracity of your assertions go through detailed scrutiny.

Interested parties must prepare :

1. Form. The same can be obtained online
2. Trademark specimen (mounted on the application form from)
3. Special Power of Attorney (when the software has been prepared with a trademark agent or agent)

Products and services are classified into various courses that are derived from the Nice Classification (pursuant to a global treaty). It’s better to talk to your intellectual property attorney regarding this issue along with other specifics which have to be spelled out within the form.

The government fee for a trademark application in one (1) class for small entities (assets less than 100 million pesos) is One Thousand Eighty Pesos (P1,080.00). If there are many classes, you just multiply the amount to the number of classes. If the trademark has color, then an additional Two Hundred Fifty Pesos (P250.00) must be paid for each class. It must also be remembered that an additional one percent (1%) is assessed as legal research fund for the government fees paid to the IPO.

Following the software has been submitted, the IPO may perform a trademark research to verify submissions.  A Brand Examiner will then examine the application form and indicate his arguments or comments within the  Registrability Reviews. You may object within the reglementary period.

When the Brand Examiner does not object, a Notice of Allowance will be released from the IPO. The IPO charge for registration is Two-Thousand One Hundred Twenty One Pesos (P2,121.00) for small businesses. Again, the Notice of Allocation shouldn’t be overlooked because when the costs aren’t paid within two (2) weeks from mailing day, then your registered can also be regarded as abandoned.


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