Legal Careers



Are you born to be a lawyer? Search for attorney jobs and heed your noble calling

The legal advocate gets a lot of flak, and is frequently depicted on the big screen in a negative light. However, being an attorney doesn’t have to be about bad lawsuits, bad decisions, or bad manners. A legal career can be a wonderful calling and provide a huge amount of job satisfaction and opportunities.

If you’re trying to figure out a job route after you leave school, or have been employed for years and need a career change, it could be just what you’re looking for to decide to enter the legal industry. While it takes a dedicated individual to take on the time and financial investments required, there are plenty of rewards to keep in mind. For some of the top reasons why you should consider being a lawyer, read on.

  1. The Desire to Support Others
    Several lawyers are joining the legal profession because they want the opportunity to help make the world a better place. There are many ways to use legal expertise to support people, animals and the environment, whether you are involved in environmental, family, business, civil rights, personal injury, immigration, or military legislation, to name a few. Lawyers, such as children, animals, and the world, are in a position to help protect citizens, groups, corporations, and the voiceless.

Lawyers have a opportunity to encourage the good of the people and have an impact on the way the world works. During their careers, many individuals in the legal profession perform pro-bono work. It helps under-served parts of the population (such as children, victims of abuse, the elderly, the marginalized, and low-income clients), who otherwise might not be able to afford a lawyer’s services.

  1. Versatility
    The versatility it provides in several different ways is one of the greatest benefits of becoming a lawyer. For a start, many individuals in the legal profession are able to set their own fees, choose their hours, and choose the customers with whom they want to work. Furthermore, the sector is one in which there are hundreds of specialized fields to operate in.

If they feel like they want to learn about another field or simply need a new job, lawyers can pick and choose the type of subject matter they want to work on during their career, or even change their specialty several times. You may choose to take a number of paths during your lifetime, from serving as a public defender, to founding your own law practice, to sitting on the board of a global corporation if you join the legal profession. You can choose to join and work across multiple fields in a boutique law firm, or you can work for a leading company such as Claims Direct, a Slater and Gordon trade name, employing more than 1,200 UK employees. You’re sure to appreciate the versatility that a job in the legal industry offers, regardless of your desires or preferences.

  1. Skills Transferable
    Although the cost of going to law school is high, both in time and money, you will still have the experience once you obtain your legal qualifications. Education can never be lost, unlike money and prestige, and will continue to stand you in good stead throughout your career. And if you find like you need a change of pace over the years and want to pursue opportunities beyond the legal arena, you will still be able to use the skills you learned during your studies and law practice. In many different career fields, having a legal degree can open many doors to new opportunities, and also acts as a stepping stone for individuals throughout their lives. In many other sectors and work styles, legal skills can be used, from academia and consulting, to publishing, management, mediation, law enforcement, and more.
  2. Potential Earning
    If you’re looking for a well-paid and solid career option, it may be the right choice to enter the legal industry. Lawyers tend to be one of the highest-paid professional groups around, and in most countries around the world, attorney salaries tend to sit well above the national average. Indeed, some of the world’s best lawyers are able to collect millions of dollars in revenue, thus setting them up for life. If earning potential is important to you, take some time to consider the firm for which you are going to work, the geographical area in which you are going to practice, and the specific legal specialty you are going to choose. Lawyers who are the best paying are normally living and practicing in major cities, working for (or owning) big law firms and being an expert in their profession.

Anyone seeking a job that will continuously challenge themselves should consider being a lawyer. Those in the legal profession need to remain continually up-to – date on new laws beyond the initial years of research and continue to hone their problem-solving, negotiating, relationship-building, analytical, and creative-thinking abilities to thrive. Lawyers are continually forced to practice their analytical skills, whether working on billion-dollar corporate mergers, trade-secret patents, tricky family law circumstances, or top criminal cases.